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We’re pleased to announce the release of Other Stages, Book 4 of the Ballet Theatre Chronicles, on January 25, 2024.

From the author of Outside the Limelight—named a Kirkus Indie Best Book of 2017comes a story about parenting, the performing arts, surviving high school and fighting back, in this gripping finale to the Ballet Theatre Chronicles.

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Katrina Devries, having navigated the cutthroat world of professional ballet to arrive at the top, has found the perfect life as a principal dancer and mother of a three-year-old. But when her partner announces he’s found true love elsewhere and moves out, Katrina’s perfect world begins to crack.

Devastated, she turns to April, her best friend among the company’s artistic staff, who promptly assembles a moms’ night, enlisting her daughter Kylie to babysit. Kylie, bright beyond her years but a high-school misfit, is miserable until that night, when she too finds true love. That she’s 14 and he’s 28 is a small matter, she decides. That he’s her mother’s friend and soon falling for Katrina is a bigger one.

Now April is dealing with a mercurial teen, studio rehearsals misfiring, and a rogue choreographer whose ballet featuring a more vulnerable Katrina borders on disturbing. When Kylie, in a fit of despair, attempts the unthinkable, just as the choreographer and his ballet exhibit violence—toward Katrina—April and Katrina must make controversial decisions that upend protocol and imperil the careers they’ve both worked a lifetime to build. What emerges will prove life-changing for all.

Here’s what people are saying about Other Stages…

“An accomplished interweaving of character trajectories in the intense world of ballet.”

— Kirkus Reviews

Other Stages is a fascinating peek behind the curtain of elite ballet, and the price it exacts from the women who dare to become mothers in this rarified, exquisite world, all while making the agonizing look effortless.”

— Kristina Riggle, bestselling author of Real Life & Liars and Vivian in Red

“Don’t be surprised if you find yourself devouring Other Stages—this is one of those stories that keeps you up way past midnight, turning page after dazzling page in anticipation of the grand finale. Brava! to Terez Mertes Rose as she brings down the curtain on this remarkable series.

— Lauren E. Rico, award-winning author of Familia, the Reverie trilogy and Solo